Everything about A1 to H8.

> a digital art collection that will never sell out <

What is it?

A1 to H8 is an exclusive digital collection of 64 pieces. It was started as a conceptual art project, that is questioning the price development of art pieces. To contradict and question the value the price of all pieces of this edition will be doubled after each and every sale. Until no pieces are sold anymore or no money is left …

How does it work?

New work is released as NFT on OpenSea. After each initial sale the price is getting doubled of the previous item, starting at 0.0001 ETH for the first Item: A1.

Why CO2 compensation?

It is a topic of our time to tackle climate change and blockchain technology, that is used for selling NFTs, is quite energy thirsty. To learn more about the amount of CO2 compensated visit the dedicated page.

Who did it?

Me, Simon Braun, a digital creative from Hamburg did it. Well, is doing it. New work is published after each sale, so still busy with this project.